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About Cadence


The typical business consultant does not have the financial and advisory experience to identify and execute an acquisition strategy or appropriately
prepare a company to maximize its value for new investors or potential buyers. The traditional investment banker is limited by a fee structure that incentivizes the banker to focus on executing transactions quickly as opposed to working
with the business to implement changes that will drive higher valuations and stronger long-term growth. Cadence Advisory Partners fills this void
by working with companies to identify and implement these changes
before going to the market so that they can capture this value for themselves.

Further, as businesses of all sizes have increasingly focused on operating
as leanly as possible, there is often a need for interim assistance in certain
areas such as finance, access to capital, business development and M&A
related activities. Due either to the infrequency of their activities in these
areas or the size of their business, it often does not make sense for businesses
to have dedicated full-time staff in these areas. Cadence offers the ability
to bring in experienced professionals that not only are more cost-effective
but also produce better results.